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VLS Dynamics
San Antonio, TX


Custom built applications and work-flow solutions.

Some applications are designed for use strictly offline on a desktop computer, while others are for use over a network, an Intranet, or the Internet.



For a business workflow application (on a budget) we have had great success using Rapid Application Development (RAD) tools like Microsoft Access with added Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). It ends up working more like a traditional program than a database.

General Applications

For more elaborate projects, we use Microsoft Visual Studio. This tool is versatile enough for desktop apps. as well as public Internet and private Intranet applications. Our programming languages of choice are currently Visual Basic.NET , using the ASP.NET 2.0 framework when applicable.

Custom API

As a registered Intuit QuickBooks Developer, we have developed the programming skills to connect your copy of QuickBooks for Windows to various other applications and systems. This allows us to write applications that update the (proprietarily formatted) QuickBooks file with new data or to extract data from it ... all in real time ... no more "double-data-entry".

Application integration saves you time and money. If your application has a Software Development Kit (SDK), there is a good chance we can work with it. A recent project involved authorizing credit card transactions from a custom built application using the IC-Verify SDK for Windows.

Platform Compatibility

We are a Registered Microsoft Partner and develop for the Windows platform. Our desktop applications require Windows-10. Our Internet based applications (usually PHP/MySQL on Linux or ASP.NET/MS-SQL on a Windows based server) should work on all major computing platforms through a supported web browser. We program with established web standards in mind to provide the highest degree of compatibility. Our websites and web applications are validated on all the major browsers.

Now providing Drupal and Joomla (CMS) setup, customization and configuration...( more)

- Abobe Creative Suite
- Visual Studio
- Authorize.net
- Intuit QuickBooks
- Google Code

New clients with a valid website development contract receive 10% off normal rates.


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